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Jade Properties Ltd


Jade Group has been in the Real Estate business since 1976 specializing mainly in the office building sector. It has been involved in the development of more than 20 office building projects and several land parceling projects throughout Mauritius. Its latest development were Raffles Tower (now known as Sandard Chartered Tower), Barclays House and Alexander House in the Cybercity area. Other projects include commercial and residential as well as management of parking lots.

We believe in a dedicated small group of staffs and employees that share common values, a strong work ethic and clear vision, instilled by our Chairman and founder Mr Alex Fon Sing CBE, to create a cohesive work environment. They are the same staffs willing to put in the extra effort to go the extra mile and executing those behavior-based actions to make success a habit. And yes, work satisfaction is vital for our success and our economy should be more people-centered instead of profit-centered as so beautifully pointed out by Schumacher in his book published in 1973 that still remains a challenge to all modern organisations today.

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Office: (230) 465 9800
Fax: (230) 454 3800
Location: L5 Alexander House, Lot 35, Ebene
Language: English, French

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