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Pioneer Property Holdings Ltd


Pioneer Property Holdings operates and delivers unique value across the whole property spectrum. We deal in all kinds of realty products: Commercial, Office, Industrial, Warehousing, Residential, Hospitality and Agricultural properties. As Estate Agent/ Property Management and Projects Specialist, we provide customised end-to-end solutions in the buying, selling and renting of properties, including accommodation facilities for overseas students, short-term hotel and bungalow accommodation for tourists and business travelers. We offer innovative solutions like service apartments with maid service at competitive rates.

Pioneer Property Holdings has built and sustained distinctive capabilities in the exclusive segments of Integrated Resorts Scheme, Residential Estate Scheme, Invest Hotel Scheme, Smart City Scheme and Property Development Scheme. We have all what it takes to deliver high-end tailor-made solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of the most exacting customers.
Pioneer Property Holdings has achieved significant growth over a short span of years only, and has a notable track-record across types of property and forms of transaction.

The company product offering leaves competition way behind in terms of the rates, level of customer attention, and reliability in the most basic property transaction to the more complex and substantive operations in the realty business. Pioneer Property Holdings understands that customers want to have the highest level of professional advice as they make their way through the scores of often cumbersome procedures that property related transactions involve. Our one-stop-shop platform ensures a quick, efficient, comprehensive and reliable service delivery.
Customer focus is a key success factor in our business. We provide a continuum of services and advice to our customers whilst ensuing that each of them is treated as if he/ she is our only customer and his/ her project our only project. Our goal is to always work towards a win-win situation result for all the parties involved in each transaction.

Pioneer Property Holdings also pursues investment and property development project as part of its business growth and value enhancement initiatives. These activities are undertaken through a subsidiary company NIPRASHRI INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED.
Shailen RAMKISSOON, O.S.K. is furthermore closely associated with Sterns Casting & Refining in a professional capacity and acts as Consultant and Agent for new projects, including sale of gold bars.

Sterns Casting and Refining have operated as a gold and silver refinery in Mauritius since September 2012. The company specializes in the recovery and refining of gold and silver generated by the jewellery manufacturing industry. Sterns Casting and Refining has the technology, expertise and experience to manufacture Minted Gold, Platinum and Silver bars in Mauritius. The company also distributes Gold Minted Bars.


Our vision is to provide and leadership to the industry and infuse best practices in all spheres of the property services.


Our mission is to bring the most convenient solution to the most demanding customer.

Shailen RAMKISSOON, O.S.K. - Chief Executive Officer

The strength of its people makes the difference. Shailen RAMKISSOON, O.S.K. is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pioneer Property Holdings. During his career in real estate, he has worked as Business Development Executive at Seeff Properties, a premier South African realty brand that has branched out in Mauritius.

During his career, he has been very instrumental in taking the Mauritian operation to new heights. He has soon developed a trusted one-stop-shop for properties and related services. He has also mastered the trade and has been closely involved in many deals during the recent boom years of property business in Mauritius.

It is this unique wealth of in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, skills and networking that Shailen RAMKISSOON, O.S.K. is bringing to Pioneer Property Holdings. Drawing on this extensive pool of unmatched industry insights, technical capabilities, marketing skills and professional contacts, Pioneer Property Holdings has all what it takes to deliver high-end tailor-made solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of the most exacting customers.


Registered Office: Couacaud Road, Grand Gaube, 30616
G.P.O. BOX 111, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, 11309, Mauritius.



(230) 5 255 11 11
(230) 5 727 11 11